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Weddings at Ryde Gladesville Catholic Parish

incorporating Our Lady Queen of Peace, Gladesville and St Charles Borromeo, Ryde

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding! This is a wonderful and exciting time for not only the couple but the whole family. 

Marriage in the Catholic tradition is a covenant – a sacred vow that, like God’s promise of love to us, can never be broken. From the beginning, God created man and woman to be joined as a sign of His love both to each other and to the world.

In the Catholic Church, Marriage is one of seven Sacraments - a sacred sign that presents to the world a deeper spiritual reality. A man and woman in marriage reveal the full, free, faithful and fruitful love that Jesus Christ has for each of us.

The Wedding Process

Couples are asked to give at least six months’ notice to the officiating priest or deacon. One months’ notice is obligatory by law, but the longer notice requested here allows for calm and serious preparation for marriage.

Couples meet with the priest or deacon beforehand to discuss their upcoming marriage and any preparation needed for it. All couples are required to attend a marriage preparation course run by experienced catholic couples who are well versed in the dynamic nature of marriage and family life.

You are welcome to fill out the Wedding Enquiry Form below, or if you require more information contact the Parish Office at, or call 02 9807 2966 during office hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Parish is a great community and family centre of worship and a popular place for our parishioners and parishioners from other parishes to have their weddings. Below are some frequently asked questions from couples who choose to celebrate their special day at our churches. 

For any further enquiries, please email, or call the 02 9807 2966 during office hours. 

Do I have to be Catholic to have a wedding at Ryde-Gladesville?

In order to be married at Ryde-Gladesville Catholic Parish, at least one of the parties, bride or bridegroom must be a baptised Catholic. If you have any further enquiries about this, please mention this in your expression of interest form or contact the Parish Office. 

Who can be a celebrant?

As we are a Catholic parish, only a Priest or Deacon can perform the ceremony in the church. We have five priests at our parish who are available to be celebrants at your wedding- Fr Greg Morgan, our Parish Priest, and Fr Daniele Sollazzo, Fr Daniel Drum & Fr Stephen Drum our Assistant Priests. 

For more information about our clergy, visit our 'Contact Us' page. 

Do I have to be a parishioner?

Couples from both inside and outside our Parish community are welcome to celebrate their wedding at our churches. If you are from outside of the parish you are welcome to approach one of our Priests to marry you. You are also welcome to bring your own Priest.

Frequently Asked Questions 


Payment of $350.00 is to be made to your Priest on the day of Rehearsal or at your last

interview before your Wedding.

WEDDING DAY – The church is available 30-45 minutes before your wedding, this depends on what is 

happening prior to your wedding, in some cases the church may not be available until 30 minutes 

before your wedding

You must vacate the church grounds within 30 minutes of your wedding. You will be notified if there 

is a booking for the church after your wedding.


The parish prepares two large arrangements of artificial flowers for worship each weekend. These 

arrangements must not be moved. They are contained in large sandstone urns on top of two plinths on 

either side of the tabernacle. These flowers are in the appropriate colours for the Liturgical 


Decorations on church seats must be tied on. Tacks, bluetac, sticky tape and other adhesive 

substances are not acceptable because they damage the seats. If you wish to import extra flowers, 

you can do so at your own expense. Extra flower arrangements must not be displayed in the sanctuary 

area. They may be put on the steps leading to the Sanctuary.No flower arrangements are permitted in 

the body of the church. You are welcome to have a flower arch at the entrance of the church, please 

arrange for someone to take this down immediately at the end of your ceremony. Please remember this 

is a very popular church for Weddings, it is normal to have 2-3 Weddings on a Saturday.

Please inform the parish office (9807 2966 or if you intend to import extra 

flower arrangements. It is important that any such arrangements do not damage the church carpet, 

that they respect the sacred space around the altar and do not hinder the flow of the ceremony 



No open flame candles may be put on the floor in the aisle. Nor on the floor of the Sanctuary. 

Candles are only welcome on the Altar for the Candle Ceremony. This is considered a fire hazard. 

You wish to have candles to line the aisle of the church, they must be of the LED type. Any open 

flame candles will be removed by the Warden.


If you wish to have a red or white carpet, you may lay the carpet from the entrance of the church 

to the

double doors, which lead into the church. Carpet cannot be laid over the existing carpet.


Only the official wedding cars are permitted on the ceremonial drive in front of the Church. Your 

guests are able to gain access to our site via the roundabout on Charles Street.

No Parking other than Wedding Cars on the Ceremonial Drive.



Please note if one of your Wedding cars OR Motor Bikes leave any marks or damages the sandstone or 

the ceremonial drive, you will be sent an Invoice to cover repairs.



Please ask your guests to park in the designated areas. No parking is permitted on any grassed 

areas, these are burial sites, and respect must be given for the deceased.

Please refrain from sounding your car horns, remember the wellbeing of our neighbours surrounding 

our churches.

FOOD AND DRINK – Please remember this is a Place of Worship

No food or drink except for water maybe brought inside the church. No picnics or consumption of 

food is to be staged outside both St Charles Borromeo & Our Lady Queen of Peace.

It is illegal to consume alcohol on the premises of both St Charles Borromeo & Our Lady Queen of 


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Weddings Team

Our Weddings Team members are here to help with the organisation and faith formation for your special day, and assist with any issues you may have. They can be contacted at

Judy Raumer

Judy is the EA to Fr Greg Morgan and the Office Manager at Ryde-Gladesville.