About CatholicCare

CatholicCare is the social services agency for the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney. CatholicCare is comitted to fulfilling their mission for a soceity where all individuals feel supported and valued, regardless of age, beliefs and abilities.

CatholicCare provides direct care and support to people in need across Sydney, including to seniors, people with disabilities, families and individuals, children and youth and the broader Sydney community. These services are offered across many locations and aim to enhance the capacity of individuals, families and communities to support themselves and care for each other.


You can download helpful documents such as CatholicCare's '5 Keys 2 Me' template to help a Support Worker like Patricia to provide the best care possible to you.

More helpful documents can be found on the Catholic Care website.

5 Keys 2 Me - CatholicCare.pdf

Contact CatholicCare

For support, or to find out more, you can contact the CCareline team on 13 18 19, or visit the Catholic Care website for more information or contact CatholicCare online.