How can I support the Parish?

There are a number of ways you can support our Parish, and help us to continue to help us support our local, Parish and school communities in their faith journeys and their lives. 

Even if you can't donate financially, even donating an hour or two of your time, or volunteering at Mass can support us, and allow you to be involved in the mission of Christ. 


If you can't donate financially, why not donate your time? There are number of ways to be involved in volunteering at our Parish, and help others within our community.

You can find a full list of volunteering opportunities for all interests on our Volunteering page


If you'd like to volunteer in a regular way, and have any special skills or interests that relate to our Masses, why not become a Minister?

We currently have a team of over 70 regular Ministers who assist at weekly Masses across the following roles:

If you'd like to be involved in regular Mass ministry, please visit our Ministries website for more information. 


If you are able to do so, financial donations assist us spread the word of God and continue to provide support and services to our parishioners and our broader community. 

To become a regular donor, visit our Pledge Form to find out more about the donation options. 

To make a one-off donation, visit our BPay portal to donate now.