Mass Times

You can find information about our regular mass times, liturgies and reconciliation here.

Please check the Parish calendar below for changes and special masses.

COVID-19 Update

Last updated Sunday 3rd January 2021, at 2pm

From 3rd January 2021, Ryde- Gladesville Parish is able to hold a maximum of 100 worshipers at St Charles Borromeo and 80 worshippers at Our Lady Queen of Peace.

From Sunday 3rd January 2021:

    • Masks are MANDATORY for all those visiting the church & parish venues, including for Masses, weddings, funerals, private prayer, visitation and other Parish events. Those who refuse to wear a mask will not be permitted to enter the church or venue.

    • Capacity at services, weddings and funerals held indoors are subject to the 4 square metre rule.

    • 100 people at SCB & 80 people at OLQP will be permitted to attend indoor services at Ryde-Gladesville.

    • Sign in via QR code or manually is essential if attending face-to-face Masses, as is continuing to observe social distancing measures, and being seated at least 5 mins before Mass starts - this means arriving earlier to account for sign in. Those with bookings who have not arrived when Mass begins will have their spots given to others.

    • No congregational singing is permitted at Masses, as per NSW Department of Health advice.

    • Livestreaming on our Parish YouTube channel will be provided for 9:20am weekday morning Masses, 9am Saturday Mass and 10am Sunday Mass at St Charles Borromeo.

    • Mass bookings are essential for Weekend Masses. Those without bookings will have to sign in manually and put their name on a waitlist until Mass begins, and will only be permitted entry if there are spare spots. Weekday Masses however are available on a first come first served basis, and bookings are not required.

    • To book a spot at Weekend Mass, please go to our website, go to the Mass booking button and follow the prompts to make your booking. Bookings open on Monday at 7am and close on Fridays at 3pm each week.

    • The regular Mass weekend Mass schedule has returned -please see our Mass Times for more information.

    • St Charles Church is open for private prayer and Adoration from 7am to 5pm, however only 100 people (including essential staff & volunteers) are permitted inside at any one time, and social distancing, the wearing of masks and hygiene measures will apply. The church will be monitored by staff and volunteers during visiting hours.

    • The SCB Church will be closed from 24th December to 19th January during the week, except for Masses.

    • Our Lady Queen of Peace Church is not open during the week for private prayer or daily Mass, and will only be open for Mass at 5pm on Saturday and 9am on Sunday until further notice.

Find us on YouTube!

Our 10am Sunday Mass, weekday and Saturday morning Masses at St Charles will continue to be live streamed and are available afterwards for viewing on our YouTube channel, so you can watch Mass safely from home.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the icon to the left. Make sure you turn on notifications so you don't miss a Mass!

Weekend Masses

Ryde Gladesville's regular weekend Mass schedule will return from the 6th/7th June 2020.

  • Saturday Vigil Masses:

- 5.00pm - Vigil Mass - Our Lady Queen of Peace, Gladesville

- 6.00pm - Vigil Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde

  • Sunday Masses:

- 8.00am - Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde

- 9.00am - Mass - Our Lady Queen of Peace, Gladesville

- 10.00am - Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)

- 6.00pm - Youth Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde

    • Italian Mass - 1st Sunday of the Month

- 4.00pm - Italian Mass - Our Lady Queen of Peace, Gladesville


Weekday Masses and Liturgies

  • Tuesday:

- 9:20am - Daily Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)

  • Wednesday:

- 9:20am - Daily Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)

  • Thursday:

- 9:20am - Daily Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)

  • Friday:

- 9:20am - Daily Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)

  • Saturday:

- 9:00am - Daily Mass - St Charles Borromeo, Ryde (livestreamed on YouTube)



The Sacrament of Reconciliation (also known as Confession) and Spiritual Guidance is available 30 mins before each Mass or via appointment.

For all appointments, please contact the Parish Office on 9807 2966 or at

Please Note

From 3rd January 2021:

  • 100 people at St Charles and 80 people at Our Lady Queen of Peace are permitted at Masses

  • Masks are MANDATORY at all Masses.

  • QR Codes must be used to check in if you have not booked your spot online prior. Manual sign in is also available.

  • Bookings are required for weekend Masses if you wish to sit indoors.

  • Bookings are not required during the week. Spots at weekday Masses are offered on a first come first served basis

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