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Birth of a new Parish

On 24 May 2015, we celebrated the birth of our new Parish of St Charles Borromeo and Our Lady Queen of Peace Ryde-Gladesville. It is also the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, Patron of Australia.

It begins a new chapter in the sacred story of St Charles Borromeo and Our Lady Queen of Peace communities, which cease to be separate and individual parishes. The futures of our communities are now intimately linked as in a marriage. We are supported by our new parish priest Fr Richard Gates who will take up this new appointment on 24 May 2016 and Fr Daniel McCaughan our assistant priest.

The Mystery of God

 Family dinners at my home are often very loud events. Whenever my parents, brother and sisters and cousins get together we all like to talk and this inevitably means all of us talking over each other. No matter what our topic is – whether it is sport, current affairs, religion, family history or more talk about sport – questions and disputed facts always seem to arise.

This lack of knowledge that always comes up is always met with the arrival of Doctor Google. For those without the internet, Doctor Google is not a real person, but it is a term used to describe one of us at the table pulling out our phone and finding the answers to our questions through a Google search on the internet. Doctor Google becomes for us an instant and indisputable source of knowledge requiring little effort on our part.

Coming to a greater knowledge of God and the truths of our faith is not as simple. We cannot simply search on the internet for information on the Trinity and expect to have a one sentence answer that satisfies all our queries about the nature of God. Coming to a greater understanding of God and the truths of our faith requires three things: prayer, patience and humility. Doctor Google doesn’t require any of this from us.

If we are to take Jesus’ words seriously that when the Spirit of truth comes

He will lead you to the complete truth” in any quest for truth we must pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Allowing quality prayer time for the Holy Spirit to work in us is essential.

This is not usually an instantaneous process. Thus we need patience to trust that God will give us what we need and when we need it. Patience ensures that we reject any expectation of instant answers but rather live by the reality that these things take time.

Humility is about living the truth and the truth is we are human. We are gifted with an amazing intellect but humility is the attitude that helps us remember that we are limited and we are not God. We cannot know everything and understand everything and we most certainly will not be able to fully grasp the mystery of God Himself, the mystery of the Trinity.

But when we look to understand our faith more deeply let us suspend our ‘Doctor Google’ expectations of instant and simple answers and rather follow a patient, prayerful and humble path to the knowledge of God. The fact that we will not be able to comprehend everything in this life does not mean our faith is unreasonable or illogical. Let us trust Christ when He says I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now” and let us look forward in hope to seeing the Trinity in eternal life.  Ronnie (Seminarian)





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